Les Amis du Prieuré de Manthes

L'assemblée générale aura lieu le 26 juin 2021 à 16h 30 au Prieuré de Manthes

 Prochain Concerts  dimanche 26 Septembre 2021


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Exposures to the Priory of Manthes

   Here more than 20 years that the members of the Association of the Friends of the Priory of Manthes make a success of a double bet. Initially, that to organize, in the rooms of the Priory, an exposure of art of today. Y are introduced artists, painters, sculptors, ceramists or engravers, among most talented, whose, for the majority, the fame is not any more to make. Second bet, the Friends of the Priory make come, in this village, far from the great agglomerations, out of the principal road axes, several thousands of visitors, art lovers, curious about all natures and professionals about art, without counting the departmental eminent personages and main roads (Ministers for the Culture) during the two weeks that this demonstration lasts. 
   The Friends of the Priory are not "people of the trade". They are the in love ones which want to make known their blows of c?ur, to share their passion. As autodidacts of the esthetism, they open their eyes far from the currents, the tendencies, the schools or the vaults. 
   This way of liking art must be effective since the great majority of the artists is very proud to have taken part in this festival and its many visitors are the witnesses of his success. Let us quote some of these artists:

José Arce, Avril,Bachès,  Régis Bernard, Blanpain, Boncompain, Anne Bulliot, Burbaloff, Philibert-Charrin, Chevrette, Martine Chantereau, Martine Clerc, Thérèse Contestin, De Michelis, Devreux, Roland Dutel, Amélie Germain, Christine Fabre, Franck Girard, Gosti, Giorda, Eric Gouttard, Jab, Kissel, Alain Kleinmann, Jeanne Lachieze-Rey, Maly, Mariette, Menguy, Mireille Moser, Palué, Nadia Pasquer,  Vincent Potier, Pouchain, Novaro, Seror, Steiner, Philippe Tardy, Cristina Tavares, Wohlfart, Dany Yung, ,…

You can find on this Internet site the exhaustive list of all those which contributed by their passage to the Priory, with this adventure which we intend to continue with you